Dynamic search to create a list

Hi to every ODK users !

I'm starting with ODK Collect and I'd like to create a dynamic search from an already existant list (from Excel). I'd like to know if it's possible to create a list on ODK by tiping the name of a species (for example) and then add it in a table so that the others fields/colums fill automatically.

Hope I'm clear enough to receive help !
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Welcome on the ODK community forum @Lucas_Hayraud .
When you'll get some time, please introduce yourself here .

Could you give some precision about what you want to achieve ?
Do you want to select a species in a list and then get some information from the reference dataset like the phylum / class / order or any other for the selected taxa ?

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Thank you Mathieu !

I'm gonna try to be as clear as I can...

So I'd like at the end to have a list of species I saw in the field. And this list would be created by starting typing the first letters of a species, it proposes from these letter the correspondant species and by clicking on the right one, add it to the list. In addition to that, once the species is found and added to the list, the fields such as her protection, but it works for the phylum / class / order as well are automatically filled.

Once I'm done I wish I could export the table in a CSV on XLS format.

Hope I'm clear enough...

Yes it is clear :slight_smile:

You can achieve all of it.

I do not know what you've already try with xlsform so maybe it will be unclear...

Here is a recent discussion about searching in a list with first letters of the species name and about creating a summary list :

Maybe this form will inspire you

About calculating a value relative to the selected item in the list, this part of the doc will help you :



Alright, I'll check these links, thank you !
Coming back soon to you