Edit Data through Enketo into ODK Central

This is the feature that available KoBoToolbox using to edit submitted data in a browser.
My question is ODK CENTRAL has this feature is available?
if available please help me how to use it.
Or how to make it?

Thanks in Advance for your help.

Hi @azam_iqbal! This functionality is not currently available, but will be with the next version of ODK Central, v1.2. For more information about what's planned for v1.2, see this GitHub issue.

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Thanks Matthew,
what's the planned release date of Central v1.2?

Hi @alios82! There's no set release date, but v1.2 will likely be released in April or early May.


Any release date of Central announce?

Hi @azam_iqbal! We're currently planning to release v1.2 later this month.

As an update, ODK Central v1.2 was just released and it has this feature.

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