eHealth uses Collect to reach perfect reporting of immunizations in Nigeria

I was looking through eHealth Africa's Impact Report, as one is oft to do, and I saw that eHealth used ODK Collect to track vaccination coverage, map settlements, and collect health performance indicators. This last one is my favorite and I've included a quote from the report...

To enable the Kano State government to collect, track, and act on health performance indicators, eHA developed the Kano Connect platform to equip health care workers with mobile phones loaded with Open Data Kit (ODK) which make it easy for users to submit data via questionnaires.

In 2017 the Kano State Primary Health Care (PHC) Management Board continued to use Kano Connect as its official mHealth and communications platform. Kano Connect guarantees accessibility for PHC workers, resulting in prompt and quality reporting, improved visibility, and effective accountability. As a result of this platform, Routine Immunization Supportive Supervision (RISS) reporting has risen to 100% at the state, LGA, and health facility level.

eHealth's work in Nigeria (Africa's most populous country!) is at a scale that is 10x what we usually see and so they tend to be the benchmark we use. In fact, many of the performance changes that @dcbriccetti made to Collect and JavaRosa over the last few months were informed by their interactions that @LN and I have had with their team.

These days, eHealth's @adam.butler sits on ODK 1's technical steering committee and so we have open lines of communication to make sure that ODK continues to work well for them!


Kano Connect has worked really well in Kano. I've witnessed its usage first hand.