Embedding a video link

Hi, I need to show a video as part of my survey. I tried to add the video to the form but the media file cannot be uploaded because it is more than 100mb. Is there a solution for this? Alternatively, I am thinking of embedding a link in the form so that the participants can click on the link to direct them to the video on another page. Is that feasible? Thank you in advance!

Hi @yiroe,

this discussion is about pdf external resource but is relevant for any kind of web resource :slight_smile:

But it works only with a web (not local) resource.

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Technically ODK can handle more than 100 MB, but files bigger than that can cause problems for your enumerators and participants. I'd recommend uploading the video on YouTube, make it unlisted so others can't discover it, then add the link to the form the way @mathieubossaert suggested.

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Thanks a lot @methieubossaert and @yanokwa! That works perfectly