Error about two different forms with same formid and version

@LN I have the same problem with the first issue he referred to. Even, I can't save the form as finalized and it gives me this error " Not exactly one blank form matches this jr_form_id. For has not been saved as finalized.

Thanks for the report, @naseem.akbarzai. We're going to need more information to try to reproduce. Are forms coming exclusively from a remote server or did you use adb to push forms? What server type are you connecting to (e.g. Central, Aggregate)? Are you connecting to exactly one server or are you switching between multiple? Did you update the form on the server? The more detail you can tell us about what happened before you saw this error, the more likely we will be able to address the issue.

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We use Kobotoolbox online system and not having any aggregate sever. It’s central connection. We don’t switch to multiple servers except one ( mentioned above).

We uploaded the form to Kobo sever online and also collected some pilot data but afterward for some changes we deleted the old form with its data and uploaded the updated version, we had no duplicates of that form on the sever. Than the form was downloaded on each smartphones and also data was collected but they were saved on edit saved from but not sent to finalized form. As I have mentioned in my previous message we got that error in the end of of each form.

Hope that it helps and also support us to have our data back and we are in rush for our report

Thanks so much.

If you are in a rush and you’ve collected data despite the error, your best bet will be to use Briefcase to pull submissions from each device: (skip the step about finalizing forms). You can then push that data to your server.

I would recommend filing this as a bug report with Kobo. Ideally servers would not allow reuse of a form id and version combination (ODK Central does not within a project).


I think my message was not very clear. I have the data and they are saved in edit saved form section of ODK collect app. I can’t access and still gives me this error.

ODK Collect_v1.28.2

Because this is an unexpected state that Collect doesn't currently support, you will need to do some work to get the data out. The steps I described above are one safe option. I will try to get a way to exit this state into the Collect v1.29 release but that won't be available for another 2-3 weeks.

Another option if you can't gather devices to plug them into a computer would be to go to Admin Settings > Reset application... and delete ONLY blank forms. You need to be careful here not to delete saved forms. Then each device will need to download only the latest version of your form and it should then be possible to open, finalize, and send the saved forms. I recommend trying this on a test device before you do it with production data.

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