Error: Generic Exception: Error Improperly Formatted XML

Hello community.
We were carrying out a large data collection project with 150 collectors and over 100 daily submissions. ODK has become much loved in our region.
Despite the high rate of successful submissions, lately there has been a serious error in the submissions, making us evaluate the continuity of this mission with the ODK.

The error shown above could be easily circumvented if the implementation carried out in 2021 in the app was discarded, preventing the editing of unsuccessful submissions.

Please re-evaluate this change. A full day of collection is disappointing, with geolocation data, images and texts being lost, with no possibility of recovery. This is a critical error.

Although there is the possibility of manually uploading the shipments, it is good to remember that collectors who are in the field sometimes only have a cell phone to collect the data, and do not have access to computers that allow this task.

In the previous period, in the last 24 hours, two important events occurred. First, the form server received maintenance and second, the slight change and was made available again.
aUfdobqvx6qnxN8RvtqitB.xlsx (13.4 KB)

I don't think it's an error in the form it only occurred on the cell phone of two data collector.

Hi @marcel
It might be caused by using emojis. There is a similar topic here

Have you used any emojis in the form or maybe your data collectors used the filling their forms?

I had access to the xml in the instances folder and there is no emoji inserted. Below I make the file available for analysis. (2.3 KB)

I tried to upload manually but got the following message:
"{"message": "Submission complete. Out of 1 survey instances, 0 were imported, (1 were rejected as duplicates, missing forms, etc.)", "errors": "1 ['Vehicle and Machine Daily Part_7_2022-09-03_06- 35-50.xml => reference to invalid character number: line 1, column 2169']"}

Actually there is one :hotel: in
<Descricao_004>Hotel &#55356;&#57320; fim do expediente </Descricao_004>

This might be not accepted by certain xml parsers for example does not accept it.

What server do you use? I tried uploading a form with that emoji to Central and it worked well. Also please tell us what Collect version you are using.

Odk Collect 2022.2.2, server:

I've tested it to make sure and yeah ODK Collect + ODK Central work well together even if you use emojis like the one mentioned above but when using ODK Collect + Kobotoolbox the message about improperly formatted xml is displayed. It's not a bug on our side but in Kobotoolbox.

Hi @Grzesiek2010, I tested this issue (emoji in a response) with the KoboToolbox server. It seemed to be an issue with the KoboCollect android app, but when trying with the ODK Collect android app, it had no issue (i.e., I was able to submit the emoji response to the server without any error message). I tested the KoboCollect app in v2022.2.3 and the ODK Collect app in v2022.3.5. Was this issue fixed in between these versions?

cc: @LN

There had indeed been a related change that would explain why things work with the latest Collect: Starting in v2022.3, Collect submissions will be UTF-8, not ASCII

Thank you @LN! This is well noted!