Starting in v2022.3, Collect submissions will be UTF-8, not ASCII

This change does not affect users of ODK Central.

Starting with Collect v2022.3, submissions will be encoded as UTF-8, matching Enketo’s existing behavior. This will be declared in the XML encoding attribute. Previously, Collect submissions were sent as ASCII with non-ASCII characters escaped to HTML entities.

If you produce or use a tool that interacts directly with submissions from Collect, you may be affected.

This change is now in beta: ODK Collect v2022.3 Beta: UTF-8 submissions and default Android splash screen You may want to check submissions with non-ASCII characters such as é, أَلِفْبَائِي, :four_leaf_clover: and :+1:t6:.

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Cool. Tested with FormShare 2.16.0 .

All OK. Complex Emojis and UTF-8 characters like "Carlos Quirós :family_man_woman_girl_boy: አማርኛ " work as expected.