ERROR: Only questions and regular group are allowed in 'field-list'. Bad node

I am getting an error when running it on ODK Collect App. What seems to be the problem?

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Makino
the problem is that you are using repeatable groups inside a group that is displayed on one screen (field-list appearance). We don't support such a case. Repeatable groups can't be displayed on one screen. Probably you expect having a button to add new groups and expanding the page every time a new group is added?

Yes, but how can I group them on one screen?

It's not possible to display all repeated groups on one screen. If it's something you find useful please create a topic in Features and describe your case.

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@Makino, you can share your full xls form here so other can do testing on it.

If repeat is definite then it might be a good feature to have all repeat questions in one screen.


Screen 1: Number of Household Member (Say 3)
Screen 2: Creates 3 repeat on the same screen to input household member's information.

Additional Feature: In case member is more than 3 and user does not want repeat questions in one screen then it might be helpful control appearance "field-list" for example making field-list action "false".


Screen1: Number of Household Member (Say 3) and creates 3 repeats in the same screen to input household member information.

Yes I understand it might be useful in some cases. In the future we might want to implement something like I described in Building a table or matrix for a set of questions on XLSForm but we don't have specific plans yet.

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[Grzesiek2010, post:2, topic:30390"]
"Repeatable groups can't be displayed on one screen."
May I propose to put this restriction in the ODK documentation.

Definitely, I was sure such a note exists in the docs but can't find it now.
I filled an issue

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Thank you for the information. Sorry for the late revert as I am away from keyboard. :slight_smile:

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Just a follow up question, REPEAT GROUPS can now be viewed in one screen using field-list appearance? I just tried it today! :slight_smile:

It has been always doable to display a repeatable group on one screen using field-list appearance. What is not possible is to add a normal group with field-list appearance and put a repeatable group inside. Then it throws an error because if it was possible you could for example put more than one repeatable group in a group that is displayed on one screen what would be difficult to handle from the perspective of UI.