Error Repeating Results

Hello, I have a problem generating the results obtained in ODK. My problem is in using repetition, because it has error in the spreadsheet (table), generating another spreadsheet with only repetition data.
I use ODK V1.23.3 and google drive.
Archive: Parcela_teste (1).xlsx (12.3 KB)


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I took a look at the attachment you shared and it looks fine (no error).
The confusion might arise from the fact that you see two sheets rather than one.
I think this is the expected behavior.
The reason is that variables included in repeat groups are captured in separate tables/sheets (one per loop). In order to consolidate the observations you can merge the data 1:N using the field KEY and PARENT_KEY respectively.

"ODK Briefcase will export a set of CSV files, one for each repeating group."
the logic is now replicated in Google Sheets.
Forum post in which the feature was discussed:

I hope this helps!