Ethiopian calendar

Welcome to the ODK forum, @alemu.tesfaye! Your introduction post (Introduce yourself here!) had some very interesting information about the Ethiopian calendar. Thanks for sharing it!

Did you know that ODK Collect recently added support for the Ethiopian calendar? You can read more at

We are also always interested in more Amharic translators on Transifex if you know anyone who might be interested in getting Collect more thoroughly translated to the language!


Dear Helen,

That is a great piece of information. I will read it. I have registered
myself at Transfix to assists in the translation of ODK Collect.



Very interesting about Ethiopia's calendar! For this calendar, how many years has it been since year zero? (In the same way that it has been 2,018 years since year zero of the Gregorian calendar, I mean.)

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Hi @LSRafay

current year in Ethiopian calendar is 2010.

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It is now 2010. That means everyone in Ethiopia is 7 or 8 years younger.


Aha! I can see that the Ethiopian calendar, combined with the health promoting benefits of whole grain teff flour and anti-inflammatory berbere spices in Ethiopian cuisine, is almost a recipe for immortality!