Field data collection for a citizen-science mapping effort of invasive alien species in Tamil Nadu, India

The Participatory Assessment of the Regional Distribution of Exotic Species in India (PARDESI) is a pioneering citizen-science initiative to map the extent and scale of invasive alien vegetation in Tamil Nadu, India.

This initiative combines the rigour of grid-based scientific sampling with the benefits of large-scale sampling made possible through citizen-science data collection.

PARDESI aims to develop an atlas of invasive alien species and is currently being piloted in the Moyar-Bhavani watershed.

We have used ODK suite of tools extensively to collect data in the field on the presence of invasive species and their relative densities in the landscape.

The Problem
Biodiversity loss caused by invasive species

Biological invasions are an important component of human-caused global environmental change.

Invasive alien species are now a major focus of global conservation concern.

Intended audience for the project
Scientists / Students / Data practitioners

Local conservation communities

Citizen groups

Training at 2 levels
Training of trainers
Training of field data collectors

Tools used
ODK Collect App
ODK Aggregate
Google Sheets
ODK Briefcase
Google maps/Google earth