Field Mapper form for collecting standardized data about smallholder farms

As AI and ML for crop analytics becomes more accessible, the need for standardized ground truth data about smallholder farms grows. We've worked with World Food Programme, One Acre Fund, Radiant Earth Foundation, aWhere, Tetra Tech, D4DInsights, Clark University, McKinsey, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others to meet this need.

The ECAAS Field Mapper form for ODK helps organizations easily collect standards-compliant agricultural data. Once collected, the data can be privately used or shared as a public good. Get started at

We love partnering on projects like these because we can do a lot of good without creating more work for organizations who are stretched thin. Many of these groups already use ODK so the Field Mapper doesn't add extra work. Instead, we've been able to partner to build a more standardized approach that they can deploy, and importantly, a community of practice that enables them to evolve that approach. And the standardized data they can now produce is going to be key to breakthroughs in agricultural production and food security.

We have so much more to do, but the progress we've made so far is amazing. We continue to look for folks working in this space to help grow a robust data-sharing ecosystem. If you are interested in participating or understanding how to get involved, please send me an email at


Very interesting. I am working on similar project in Zimbabwe. Honestly. ODK platform is making our life easier.