Filter List by Category

I know is closing in a months time.
I have created a form using I have a very long list of district names which get filtered when data collector selects province name which is a list again by region name. I want to have my odk form to show the three lists where user selects region and the province list shows provinces only for that region and finally as the user selects one of the filtered province the district list only shows districts from that province. How do I achieve that?

Hi @noel.kaiye
What you are looking for is a cascading select that uses a choice_filter column to filter the select based on the previous answer, there are lots of posts on the forum about this.

Here is a good example video by @janna , in the example it's Province --> District --> Clinic, whereas your setup is Region-->Province-->District, but it's very clear how to author the XLSForm from the video example.

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