Food frequency questionnaire

How can I develop a food frequency questionnaire on Excel for the ODK like this type of choices? please support me on this issue.
-------per day
--------per week
--------per month
-------per year
the answer should be fill one of the provide blanks. for Example may be the respondent says 3 times per day.FFQ for C.docx (61.2 KB)

For each Grain and grain product you can create a group with four questions:
per day
per week
per month
per year

you can add field-list appearance for such groups so that all those questions will be displayed on one screen.

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Hi @amen13

I agree with @Grzesiek2010.

Assuming you are only interested in collecting one answer per item,

an alternative approach you can also consider is to have a group for each food item, containing two variables:

  • integer
  • select_one
    The select one question would have choices:

Also in this case, you can use the field-list appearance

I hope this helps!


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