Form transfer from tablet to computer (without internet)

Hello everyone,
In case internet won t be accessible during our future survey that will take place in remote areas, and for backup, I would like to know how to transfer my fulfilled questionnaires in my tablet to a computer (PC I suppose).
We tried using a sd card but we experiences difficulties ( I m more Mac user and then not very handy on pc).
question1= can we use a cable from a tablet to a pc to recuperate our questionnaires and how?
question2= can we use a sd card in the tablet to recuperate our questionnaires and how?
Thank you for your help,
note: our tablet is android 9.
Android Tablet 10 Inch WiFi PC Tablets - Winnovo T10 MT8163 3GB RAM 32GB ROM HD IPS 1280x800 2.0MP+5.0MP Camera Gyroscope Accelerometer Bluetooth HDMI GPS FM Android 9.0 Pie (Grey)

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ODK Briefcase is a desktop application that runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux. It is used for pulling, pushing, and exporting forms on ODK servers such as ODK Central and ODK Aggregate. You can also use Briefcase to pull forms directly from ODK Collect.

Here's the documentation specifically on getting data from ODK Collect:

Can you read through that and let us know if you have specific questions about the process?

I really appreciate your prompt response,
My student and I will try your procedure

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