Offline backups of data from ODK Collect

What is the issue? Please be detailed.
We are going to be collecting data in an area with limited connectivity, and there may be extended periods of time where we cannot connect to upload our surveys to the ODK server. As such, I am looking for a way to create offline backups of our data on another device.

What have you tried to fix the issue?
In checking other forum posts, I found this one where the solution was to use ODK Briefcase: Form transfer from tablet to computer (without internet)

However, when I go to the page for ODK Briefcase, there is a message saying "ODK Briefcase is no longer being updated. If you're using Briefcase for CSV exports, data decryption, or automation, use ODK Central instead."

I'm confused - should we still be using ODK Briefcase? If not, does ODK Central have a similar option to create offline backups? In either case, what are the steps to doing a backup?

Thank you!

Hi @yanokwa
Any news on this, please? How to best do a backup offline locally, e.g. from an enumerator to a local team supervisor smartphone/tablet?