Form with Appearance field-list and nested group label

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
I have a form in which all the Questionnaire should appear in a same screen, so I created a group(Group-1) with Appearance: field-list and added my questions.
My form also has nested groups within. The labels of the nested groups are Missing in the form.

My requirement is that - Questionnaire in the forms to be in single screen and the Nested groups label should be shown in the form.

The issue I am facing is similar to this one.
Missing Group Labels on ODK Collect - #4 by Grzesiek2010

Any suggestion for how to make this work would be much appreciated.

One option could be if you add a note in order to introduce a new section and use styling (for example, increasing the font size using a markdown header).

Thank you @danbjoseph. I added note and tested. But the form has extra space between the Note and the next question (Attached Screenshot).

Is there any changes we can do to avoid this space?

You can hack this by using a select_one question with any of your choice lists and a choice_filter of FALSE. In this example I've also used a heading level 4 to make the font slightly large but the extra line will be gone even if you used un-styled text.
spacing_test.xlsx (9.9 KB)

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Whoa, @danbjoseph, that's wild! Neat trick, I would never have thought of that.

The reason that space is there with the note is that a note is actually a read-only text field. Maybe we should think about detecting the empty case and not having the vertical space. @Grzesiek2010 what do you think of that possibility?

In the case of selects, the answer is represented as part of the choices themselves. If there are no choices (what @danbjoseph accomplished with the false filter), there's no vertical space used.

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Thank You :pray: @danbjoseph.
It worked.

Yes I shared my thoughts in Basically I'm rather more into removing that empty space from all read-only widgets that have no answer.