Free odk server like odk aggregate

Hello everyone,

After migration of the ODK aggregate server services which was free to ODK Central which is a paid one. Are there alternatives for me who does not have the monies to pay for the ODK central services. I upload less than 50 records a day. I really miss odk aggregate, it was easier to create a server, simple and user friendly.

Any alternatives out there?

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When using ODK Aggregate on Google App Engine (GAE) it was possible to use their free tier if you had low usage. In February 2019, ODK Aggregate v2.x was released with support for GAE removed, because GAE has become more difficult and more expensive. More details in this post.

Web infrastructure generally costs money. Central was designed from early on to be stable, predictable, and fast on limited hardware. It can perform well on the second-cheapest DigitalOcean configuration at time of writing ($10/month, 2GB memory). All ODK software is open source and free to install and use, unfortunately it's not possible to also offer services like web hosting for free.

Other options include: