Geopoint placement-map and geojson (relative placement)

  1. I use select_one_from_file with geojson file and it's beautiful. But i would like to declare / create a new point (not present in geojson file) with geopoint and in the same time have a look for the geojsonfile point for a relative placement. It's look like have a layer with geojson informations in the geopoint / placement-map process. I don't know if there is a way to do this but this feature seems interesting to me

  2. No idea

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Hi @Alain_Benard
I think what you can try is Entities and Datasets in ODK the sample presented in the video shows how to add new points visible in select_one_from_file via ODK Collect.
This might be not a perfect solution for you but it's probably the only one.

This is very closely connected to Mapping within a repeat group : show already drawn objects on the geowidget map. We're thinking about how to address both, perhaps also intersecting with Provide a way to get mbtiles to Collect without having to connect to a computer.

@Grzesiek2010 Unfortunately I don't think the current Entities functionality helps with this. There need to be a way to show entities on a map where a point can also be selected. I think coming up with a general way to set a reference layer from mbtiles, geojson, CSV or nodeset would be really useful. We also will probably at some point want to consider open selects from map.

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Thank you LN and Grzesiek2010. I'll see what i can do with Entities and wait for new version with more possibilities. Select one from file with geojson is young possibilities and the future complete this.

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