Get labels and images to appear together

Hello, this issue is happening to me as well but using the solutions here does not seem to work for me!

I have tried the following

  1. label with no language but default laugauge in settings sheet : English (en)
  2. label::English (en) on survey/choices + media::image::English (en)
  3. label on survey/choices + media::image::English (en) - images disappear
  4. taking off media column in survey sheet
  5. label:: English (en) on survey/choices + media::image
  6. Taking off the default language column in settings sheet

Any ideas how to get the labels and the images to appear together?

It is the appearance = compact that is causing only the images to display. If you remove that setting from the question, the form should display both the choice label and the image.


Thank you so much this worked a charm!! Wish I posted here earlier haha

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