Get version of ODK Central?

I wonder how can I get ODK Central's version via API? I looked at Apiary but could not find.

You can check your current version by adding version.txt to the URL. For example This documented at

I'm curious, why do you need to get the version?

Whether or not we expose this in the API, I don't know. Maybe @issa can chime in here when she gets a moment.

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Thank you @yanokwa.

I'm going to give the users of the Dashboard for Monitoring and Visualization of Survey Data in ODK Central Server possibility to select their own ODK Central Server. Since functionality of ODK Central's API could change depending on the version I need to know version used by client.


Similarly, ruODK toggles the behaviour of form_schema based on the Central version to handle the breaking change between 0.7 and 0.8.

ruODK could parse the /version.txt to infer version at the cost of an additional HTTP request. Currently, ruODK uses a user defined setting for the ODK version.