Dashboard for Monitoring and Visualization of Survey Data in ODK Central Server

We recently deployed dashboard building application for near-to-real time monitoring of data collection process. We developed this application for our internal use, but later decided to open it for external users as well.
How this application works:

  • Based on ODK Central Server's powerful API
  • You upload your survey form (XLSForm)
  • Collect your data using mobile devices via ODK Collect
  • Monitor the data collection progress in near to real-time through dashboard
  • Conduct data analysis
  • Apply data quality control and find data anomaly on near to real-time
  • Export data to STATA, SPSS, R and Excel formats in any time while you collect data

All members of ODK Community are invited to test and use this application. If you are interested you can also participate in a webinar on 8 September 2020 at 16.00 (Turkey time). You can join the webinar through below link and password

Watch a recording of the webinar



Will attend the webinar

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Looks awesome! What tech stack is that dashboard built in?

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We built front-end part based on Vue.js


Of course I missed the webinar - sorry, adopted-new-puppy tired %-)
Is there a recording of the webinar?

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I'll give a link to the records soon.


This is great initiative @Odil, I missed the webinar, kindly share a recording on the same: oketchrigs@gmail.com

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I missed the webinar, kindly share a recording on the same: azamiqbal51@gmail.com

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Here it is.

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Great works, an efficient tool to work with. Great works..

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Could You send me the address of webinar
My email si

I sent the link to your in a private message.

Dear Odil,

This looks great and reminds me of the easy-to-use KoBoToolbox interface. I wonder how this interface for ODK will become available (free?) and how you plan the integration with users who upload their data through Google sheets?

Warm regards,

Hi @RubenFoquet, Thank you for your question.

Actually we aim to make fully free if we can find a sponsor. Otherwise, we will charge a very small fee (much lower than any CAPI application currently available in the market).

Instead of Google sheets option we offer our ODK Central Server since this application works with ODK Central as a Server. In coming versions if users have their own ODK Central Server they can use it as a data server.

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