Gps location accuracy

Please there should be a simple way of adjusting the Gps accuracy reading to any desired meter readings

Hi @Mas7-ntecot,

Can you elaborate more, what do you want to achieve?

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I will recomanded to look a post which is below :

Here I would like to lock GPS accuracy with 5 meter or less so I written code which is "selected-at(.,3)<5" in column "constraint".

If you can share your OFK excel form it will be great so we can fix your issues.


Good evening everyone,
Please I'm using odk for farmers enumeration, and the enumeration can only be valid when the accuracy is between 2m and 10m. But I'm always having greater than 2000m accuracy which refuses to reduce.
What should I do please?

Hi @Mas7-ntecot
are you able to get better accuracy using other apps for example GPS Test or maybe there is something wrong with your device and it doesn't work in all cases?

Thank you, in Nigeria the odk was configured for us the enumerators, and all my surveys are invalid because of this high accuracy, please is there nothing to make it reads between 2m and 10m ?

That's why I asked you about other apps because if it doesn't work in other apps too then it is most likely something wrong with your device.

Works with other apps besides other enumerators are using same of my phone and get better accuracy.
Tecno pop 2 power
Model B1p

I think that there is something wrong with those Tecno devices. It's not the first topic on this forum about accuracy and Tecno devices please take a look here for example: How do i fix my gps accuracy?
you had the same device. Were you able to fix your problem?

You can also take a look at this article How To Fix Tecno GPS Problem [Methods & Quick Troubleshoot]