How do i fix my gps accuracy?

**1. I have problem with gps location accuracy. It gives extraordinary high values most times above 2200m of which im expected to use between 2 to 10m

**2. Server: ; Device name is Tecno B1f; Android 8.1.0; Odk collect v1.27.2

**3. I tried to find the best possible network locations even outside the building but couldn't get anything below 10m. I remembered getting 24m sometimes

**4. Navigate to Geoshape area of the form


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probably it's a Tecno specific issue. Have you seen this for example:

If those tips don't work you can try our 1.28-beta version we released the other day where we implemented some changes in the GPS functionality ODK Collect v1.28 Beta: GPS plus other sensors for location, calculation updates in repeats

Thanks very much for a prompt response. Even with those proferred solutions, I'm still not having a positive result. I even switched to beta version, all the same. Perhaps it's because I'm unable to use high accuracy mode which doesn't come with phone. See attachment!

Ah yes it's rather a budget device so you can change it or buy an external bluetooth gps if you really need that functionality.
Before investing money in new devices you can also try some apps from the store that fix/improve gps. I'm sceptical if it works but you can try.

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I am using a Techno of 1 ram and 16GB Rom, but the GPS of my ODK is always 3300m or 4914m. I am trying to regulate it to 2m to 10m. Please my version of ODK is 2.72. I

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I moved your post here because it was placed in a wrong topic. Do you use the same Tecno device?

Thanks I am just trying to get solution to my GPS accuracy which sometimes get to 2000m and above when I should expect to get between 2 and 10m. I have formatted my device yet I can't map correctly. I am an enumerator under the fmardpace AFJP program. Thanks in anticipation of your response.

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I also moved your question here. What about your device? Is it also Tecno?

Yes it is tecno pop 2 power.

Thanks for responding to my email. I have read the other mails from people have same issues with your responses.

Apparently those Tecno devices are bad at it.

Hello brother. I saw your complain in odk forum the response you got. I am having similar challenge. How are you going about it?

Hello Bobby have you been able to get solution to the GPS accuracy? I read your complain and the response given to you. I have same issues. Please carry me along if you have solution.

I've used GPS Essentials app to get more details about the accuracy of the GPS on a particular phone. Usually the problem is related to the hardware and not the software.


Hey everyone pls I have problem with my GPS on odk the stellite is not available

Hello Sir! atleast you can even have a satellite image on your phone as well i use a tecno mobile, My name is Mgana

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what version of ODK Collect are you using?
Are you able to record your location using other apps?