Grid/Matrix like table structure - Which mobile app client to use?


I have come across a number of surveys which are using a grid/matrix-like structure to enter the data (currently in excel), and I have to code it in ODK. I have had initial interaction on this forum for putting enquiry about its availability (Table/Matrix like data filling). However, I need to know if there is any other mobile app client which is compatible with ODK and provide this type of table-structure? Would ODK collect display it properly if I use a tablet instead of phones?


Hi Saad,
rtSurvey is one of those. It displays properly on both smartphones and tablets.

Please be careful when considering options that are not known in the ecosystem. The known-compatible clients are ODK Collect and Enketo.

If you haven't already looked at Enketo's grid theme, that may be an option to consider. There's also a matrix shortcut built on top of the grid theme that can be useful for some form structures.

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