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rangingHello everyone
Despite the fact that I have been using ODK for 1-2 years, there is always a new "question".
At this moment, I hope to receive your advice, help to solve the issue of interest to me. Thank you in advance for your attention.
The first question (#51) is about selecting social media from a list, while the next question asks the respondent to rank them.

  1. Is it possible to rank only the "answers" that the respondent chooses in question #52?
  2. And one more question :slight_smile: If the respondent selected "Other" and wrote the answer after that, this text will appear in the list of questions #52?
    Thank you again for your help and solution to this "problem".
    With respect
    question_51_52.xlsx (13.4 KB)

Thank you very much for the advice. I decided the first question. I hope you can help me solve 2 more issues :).

  1. How to "retrieve" the text that was recorded (during filling or_other by the respondent) and
  2. Is it possible that the answer marked during ranking (in the first choice) does not "appear" in the second choice?
    Thank you very much for your help

When you export data using the or_other option, in the column for that question, you will see a value "other". A separate column will have the answer for the questions in which the user selected other. This makes data analysis more cumbersome, so we do not recommend the or_other construct. Instead of using or_other we suggest you use relevant and include an extra question.

I've made adjustments to your form and highlighted the changed cells:
question_51_52_edited.xlsx (13.3 KB)

  • I added a D51_other question that captures the value of "other" social network. And I corrected the value in your list_name column.
  • I changed the constraint (so that the answers for "very often" and "in second place" can't be the same) to a choice_filter that removes the selection for "very often" from the list of choices for "in second place".
  • I adjusted the relevant on your second place question so that it only shows if at least 2 choices were selected.
  • I use the value from the "other" answer in the lists for the later questions.

One issue, that maybe @Grzesiek2010 can help me with... If I click some answers in question 51, and then type an answer in 51.a. then the choice is not populated.

If after typing the answer in 51.a. I go back and modify 51 in any way (selecting or deselecting an option) then the choice is correctly populated. Is there a way to make sure it always populate the label from 51.a. in the list for 52?

Sorry for the delay but I was off for a long time... It doesn't work in Enketo but it works well in ODK Collect. It looks like a bug what do you think @eyelidlessness and @martijnr?

Tank's danbjoseph for your letter

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