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One of my enumerators in remote area with limited Internet reported as follows

"I was having 2 saved forms in my odk application and I was working on a third form. During filling the form , my odk app got hanged and a black screen appeared ,when I closed the app after that all my saved data was lost, I closed the app and waited for 5 mins . After 5 mins when I tried again the app was not even opening the main page of the app and still I'm facing the same behaviour from the application. It's not opening and isn't responding .. I waited for an hour for it but still no response and the app isn't responding"

Can any one help please

It's because of memory android phone. Android phones run on an algorithm where all old apps which are open recently are save in memory so suppose you are running a phone which has 1 GB of memory and you installed 5 games and 10 other apps and you opened 5 apps while using ODK Collect.
So, now comes on memory management your android OS wants 500to600MB depends on the android phone then 5 apps they will take nearly 100 to 200MB so nearby 80% memory of your phone is already been used.
Now you open ODK and start collecting data then that will also take memory and then your phone will do work like this.
So, the best way to do work in the field gives your field worker android phone with minimum apps those are required and ask them not to install many apps on the phone.

Please Introduce yourself here!

Thanks Narendra Singh. This is good recommendation but in this case the enumerator is using brand new device with no extra apps. The detailed specs are

Working with team to resolve this issue and looking for comments from members who might have faced such issue

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can you make the recording of issue or can you take this tab on remote so you can see which app is running is in the background.

@Register It would also help to know what version of ODK Collect you are using.

Thank you for reaching out.
It is v1.10.2

Couple more questions, for you!

  1. And have you been able to reproduce the issue yourself?
  2. Can the enumerator also reproduce the issue?
  3. Did the enumerator report the crash through Android?