Help on question skips

Dear all,
I am stuck on some skip functions and i need help. I have attached some questions and those highlighted in yellow are the ones that I need help on.

Thanks you all for your help.

SKIP-HELP.docx (41.7 KB)

Hi @Rod

You need to apply some relevant conditions to your form in order to work.

Check out how to use the function :

For more assistance provide more clarifications and attach your xls form.

Dear Dickson,

Thank you so much for the quick reply. I need more assistance and please find attached the xls form and the word doc on which you will find the questions.

Thank you in advance for your help.SKIP-HELP.docx (41.7 KB)
questions_skips.xlsx (66.4 KB)

You said "Number If 0! Q29" in first line what does this mean?

After reading question doc file i want to discuss with you one point with you that if any user will enter 0 in Q21 then , Q23 should be shows to user, not go on q29. If "Number If 0! Q29" means skip to Q29. If i understand your code incorrect then make me correct so, I can help you.


"Number If 0! Q29" if Number is 0 then skip to question 29

Thank you so much for helping

Hi @Rod,

I find you word doc a bit tricky to understand . Have tried to implement what i understood

See is the form ,
skip.xls (26 KB)
skip.xml (7.5 KB)



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Thank you Dickson.... This worked

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