How can I write an HTML template to print out my form values?

I have a form and I want to use print pdf in the application, but the calculation to establish the print function of the whole form I am not sure how to write it in html, that is why I attach the form if you can help me by writing the HTML
ODK Template VISITA A FINCA V1.xlsx (469.6 KB)

You may get more responses if you ask specific questions. For example, if you try to do a task yourself first and then ask questions about specific problems you have while doing the task. This is why one of the questions in the new Support topic template is "What have you tried to fix the issue?"

If you want to hire someone to support on a large part of a project, you can post to Marketplace.

You may be interested in some ideas I shared at Get print or PDF from ODK Collect - #8 by LN

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