How to add exported Polygons ( to QGIS from Geoshape)

Hello Everyone!

I am having troubles with exporting Polygons made by ODK Collect. I made them with Geoshape and and the coordinates are saved in one column, but I just dont find no way to create polygons in QGIS.
In QGIS I created points from the table with the latitude and longitude which is the position of the surveyed points. But what I need is also the polygon, which was drawn by the user with the geoshape option.

Here the exported file (see shape example):
dimbokro.csv (1.3 KB)

Thanks in advance !

Hi @luna_ricky_tavi ,

You should take a look at this showcase to add a question to your form that calculates the WKT of your geometry. Then you will be able to open your csv with QGIS and then specify the WKT column :

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