ODK geoshape/geotrace/geopoint to WKT

After kml export by @Xiphware and geojson export by @detrygeoffroy, I simply adapted @Xiphware example forms to generate wkt (point, linestring, polygon) from geopoint, geotrace and geoshape odk fields.
In opposition to geojson and kml, WKT does only describes the geometry, it does not contains any attribute value.

So you can collect data and open exported CSV within QGIS with "delimited text layer" tool, choose the column which store wkt, select the projection (4326) and show you data on the map.

Here are the example forms :
geoshape2wkt.xls (8 KB) geopoint2wkt.xls (7 KB) geotrace2wkt.xls (8 KB)

Thanks a lot @Xiphware & @detrygeoffroy for your work.

I only had to make some search / replace and adapt concat() function :slight_smile:


Another alternative is this QGIS plugin that has been developed to deal with this issue.