How to design and upload form on ODK aggregate without errors

Hi,my name is Ador Deng.A new ODK user.I did some training on ODK last week but need more to excel in it. to design and upload form on ODK aggregate without errors

please need to know more on how best I can easily design form. either on xls form or odk build?

Hello Adordeng,

You can learn more about how to author a form on It is a great starting resource. There are even links to example forms.

Our organization also has a number of pre-developed forms that might be of interest to you too.



Hi Megan,

Many thanks for sharing this was so helpful.what is remaining is to master the constraints and relevant formulas in authoring the forms.any idea on how to do this?

Hi @Adordeng,

ODK has a very great documentation , see this link

See this section :



Hi Dickson,

Many thanks for sending me the link.........But need quick help here though.

1.Have finished authoring my forms in xls format
2.upload it to aggregate
3.upload it on ODK collect

now when filling in the blank forms..........few errors seen

  1. choices of select_one questions duplicate;e.g yes no,yes no,yes no,..........
    2.other questions get block and there was no skp pattern used.......can't figure out what is wrong.any quick help?

Hi @Adordeng,

Checkout this thread, the video links may be of help.

Hi Megan,

I have problem in uploading form in ODK succeeds in ODK reads;
form listing failed.Error.
SSL handshake timed out while
formlist............this is my ODK aggregate manager

any idea where I went wrong?