How to install ODK Central on Synology NAS with Docker

After read many documentations about installing ODK central on Docker and ask many questions to @mathieubossaert, i decide to install ODK central on my NAS Synology (DS218+, RAM = 10GO).

After a first attempt to install by following the instructions in the link and with the support of @shadoworker5, I get errors.

I put in an attached file the installation syntax, the outputs as well as the errors.
To better understand, I put the following legend:

  • Highlighted in green: Syntax recommended in the guide
  • Words in red: Errors produced in the outputs
  • Words in green: Outputs indicating that the process went well.

Please i need assistance.

ODKCentral_Installing_errors.docx (44.8 KB)

The key error seems to be

ERROR: for mail  Cannot start service mail: Bind mount failed: '/volume1/homes/dkonan/central/files/dkim/config' does not exists
ERROR: Encountered errors while bringing up the project.

Your dkim folder should have the following structure:

  • config folder
  • rsa.private folder
  • config.disabled file

For some reason, it sounds like you don't have the config folder. Try creating it and trying another docker-compose up -d.

Hi @yanokwa,
Many thinks for your response.
After creating the folder i've an error.
Pease see it in the screenshots below

Many of these errors seem to stem from the fact that Synology isn't a standard Linux. This is a very unsupported configuration, so you'll have to take more ownership here and try to figure the issues out. In this case, try creating the /data/transfer/ folder and go from there.

Hi Team

I apologize if I would disturb you.
But, I would really like to be able to install it and share my experience.
After taking into account your proposals, I put the different screenshots after the orders:

docker-compose build

=> The process went well

docker-compose up --no-start
docker-compose up -d

=> These 2 commands indicate that the process went well.
However, I note that I do not have access to central ODK. While doing docker-compose ps, I notice that 2 elements (enketo_redis_cache and enketo_redis_main) only restart.
Please see below the screenshot

When i do this syntax

docker-compose logs

I see below message

Best regards

Hi @dkonan

you should type

docker-compose logs name_of_the_container

Hi @yanokwa,
Hi @mathieubossaert,
Hi @shadoworker5

Many thanks for your guidance.
After several attempts, failures and reading posts, I was able to install ODK Central on my Synology NAS with Docker.

The key steps to follow:

Creation of directories in the central folder
root@xxx: / central # mkdir -p ~/central/files/dkim/config
root @xxx: / central # mkdir -p ~/central/files/dkim/rsa.private

Creation of directory in at the root
root@xxx: / central # mkdir -p ~/data/transfer

Changing ports in the docker-compose.yml file

I followed the @jary's guidelines below:

Without first modifying the .env file (nano .env)

Then follow the other steps (by positioning yourself in the central directory:

  1. docker-compose build
  2. docker-compose up --no - start
  3. docker-compose up -d
  4. docker-compose ps # To make sure everything is working fine like below

  1. Create email and password

Thanks everyone.
I will do a tutorial in French with @shadoworker5 for French speakers.
We think it will be a good opportunity for them


Congrats on getting it to work, @dkonan! It's also very kind of you to also do a tutorial for others. When that is ready, please post it to this topic and I'll make sure to share it out more broadly.

Did you get a chance to test to see if the web forms (aka Enketo) are also working?

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Bravo @dkonan pour la persévérance et pour le partage à venir :slight_smile:

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Merci Mathieu (@mathieubossaert) du soutien.
Mais, je reviendrai vers vous. Car, je l'ai réussi en local. Je vais le refaire avec un nom de domaine.

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