How to make a search function in select_one type, where the choices is 150

I have problem with select_one type for locations in Pakistan where the
list of choices about 150. does anyone know how to a make search function
to speed up the search for the list to be selected?I also attach picture.i need same picture functionality.
I need answer this question as soon as possible because my application 95% complete .I have reaming just this question

Kindly help me out regarding this issue

Thanks in advance.

To limit the long list of locations, if possible, you can apply the choice_filter (example here). This would mean instead of one "select_one" you would have multiple, with each narrowing down the location such as "Country" --> "State" --> "Municipality" --> "Village"

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You may use cascading select also.

Thanks for the positive response i do but I think it is not proper solution.we add search option in odk. again thanks

@azam_iqbal It's not clear what your question is asking. Can you please make sure you fill out the support request template when you have a question? That helps ensure you can get the best help possible.

What is the screenshot you've shown? Is that what you want to achieve or what you've tried? What have you tried? Why didn't it do what you wanted?

Sorry for my late reply @LN
I am no devrloper and i want this function in next odk version.please add search option in odk where we select 1 option with long list
example I have 100 cities name and i just want i type just ''shak'' which alaphates start with name ''shak'' only show and i easly select my option. Picture also attach baee4666163ecd1e4762a27d99ddad81bcfe5486_1_281x500
this picture copy from other post to show i needs this function add in odk

Have you tried using the autocomplete appearance on your select as described here? If you have, it would be helpful to understand why that doesn’t work for you.

Working perfectly

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