How to pull forms from Android tablet to Mac laptop

What is the issue? Please be detailed.
I will be using ODK Collect in a remote area with limited internet access, and want to establish a plan for backing up forms from ODK Collect on our Android tablets to my Mac laptop, so that I can then store them in ODK Briefcase.

What have you tried to fix the issue?
I have tried several methods detailed in other ODK forum posts, including installing Android File Transfer on my laptop and installing file managers and USB drivers on my tablet. In all of those cases, I was unable to locate/access the ODK directory on any of the applications.

Other posts I've tried and failed to implement:

Does anyone have somewhat recent experience doing this with an Android tablet and Mac laptop? If so, can you share which applications you used, and what permissions/settings you had to change to enable the transfer?

We use adb with Mac laptops for development. The instructions at are up-to-date and please make sure you read the section at the bottom about the Collect directory. The path should be /sdcard/Android/data/ If you were using a different path, you could start by trying that out with the other methods you've attempted.

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