How to repeat questions based on select_multiple

I am trying to design a survey where I have to a question where multiple options can be selected (out of 20 options) and the next three follow up questions has to be repeated the same number of times as the previous number of options which have been selected. Please help!

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Try something along the lines of:

select_multiple: Q1
begin_repeat: repeat_count=count(count-selected(${Q1}))
text: RepeatQ1
text: RepeatQ2
text: RepeatQ3

See count-selected() and Statically defined repeats for details.

Hi @Xiphware

I would like to ask a question in the repeat group in reference to the answers of the select_multiple.

For example:
select_multiple merchants
begin_repeat // repeat_count=count(count-selected($Q1)-if{$Q1='none',1,0})
decimal // unit price for ${merchants}

I guess this is not working, didnt test it though. Have you any ideas?

I succeeded in doing what I wanted to. I share my solution to cite an answer of a select_multiple in a group_repeat.
ODK is so powerful, yeah!
test_merchants.xlsx (9.5 KB)