How to transform a table into questions on ODK

Hello all!

I was hoping someone might be able to provide an example of what I would need to include in my form, to be able to enter data from table such as this:


Time, Temp fish, Temp air and Smoke density are unique values every time.

Thanks in advance!


Using what tool? ODK Collect?

Yes sorry, ODK Collect. Here is my form so far, row 39 is what I need to change. Smokingformv5.xls (384 KB)

Unfortunately, it's not possible because we don't support such a tabular/grid view. I've also heard from other users that it would be a nice feature and there is even a topic about it here: Form design: grid of text or numeric input

Please go through it maybe add your insights it will help us to add it.

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Hi @Frances!
Kushe? How dae bodi? :slight_smile:

I would suggest you use a repeat group to collect the 4 variables you need.
Each new group (loop) would be a new record of the paper table.

Please see attached a sample excel form with rows 39-44 added and edited.
I've tested it on Enketo and seems to work fine.
Note that I've saved it in xlsx format (which has larger compatibility and uses less space).

I hope this helps!

:sierra_leone:Smokingformv5.xlsx (74.9 KB)

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Hi Andrea! I am fine thank you. I don't see an attachment, sorry.

Sorry, here it goes

Smokingformv5.xlsx (74.9 KB)

Also, here the link to the enketo test upload:


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This is a perfect solution for the time being, until a table widget is developed. Thank you so much!


Glad it worked!

Good luck with your exercise.