How to upload offline data on the android phone to the ODK server if the server has changed but the forms are the same


I lost my server that has the current ODK deployment. However, I have an excel backup of the data that had been collected before. I also have offline data on different android phones awaiting upload. I also have QR codes of the different users (data collectors). Here is my dilema: Am trying to setup a new ODK deployment on a different server and reinstate my old forms. However, I would like the collected offline data (on the android phones) to automatically get uploaded since it is the same forms that I will be using on the new deployment. Please advise how best I can get the collected data uploaded on the new server (with the same forms), I will highly appreciate your input. thanks.

What do you mean you lost the server? The more details you can provide, the better options we can provide.

It sounds like it was Central. Did you have any backups?

Yes, It was central and I can nolonger access the server as the virtual machine where it was sitting was accidentally deleted by a junior staff. To cut the long story short, am trying to create a new deployment of central and re-create the forms. How can I link the new deployment to the offline data collected on the android phones.

I would start by getting the data off those devices. If those devices are remote, this is the easiest way I've found.

  1. Install Cx File Explorer from the Play Store. is the direct link.
  2. Navigate to Main Storage/Android/data/
  3. Long press on "files" folder, tap on ⋮, then tap Compress.
  4. Long press on "", tap on ⋮, then tap on Share.
  5. Chose Gmail and it will create a new email with Send the email to yourself.
    • You can also choose Drive to upload it to drive.
  6. When you are done Long press on "" (not the files folder!). tap on ⋮, then tap on Delete.

Once you have all the odk folders, then you can use ODK Briefcase to push them to Central.

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Hello, ODK BriefCase stopped working. It did work on my machine sometime ago but when i attempted to use it again, it does not even open. Any advice? or alternatives?

Note that, i have tried re-installing it multiple times but the newly installed versions still never open.

Try to install or reinstall Java on your machine, this could help you open briefcase applications