How to use cascade select fields when data is comming from csv files

In my form I have departments, provinces and districts (spanish 'departamento', 'provincia', 'distrito'). A department has many provinces, and a province has many districts.
The lists of provinces and districts is coming from csv files 'provinces.csv' and 'districts.csv'. The choices for departments is defined 'departamento_choices' in the choices tab.
I want to implement a cascade selection. First select the Department, then select the Province and last select the district.
I implemented a solution but when I try to upload the form to odk aggregate it returns an error.
It said that the requirements is syntactically incorrect.

This is what i have done so far
This is form definition

I am trying to include more pictures in this post but this site shows "An error occurred: Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.". So the rest of rthe pictures are in the following link:

Hi @Ernesto_Ruiz
could you attach the whole xls form here so that we can test it?
ODK Aggregate is no longer being updated (and we recommend using ODK Central instead) so it might be something specific to that fact but we will see once you share the form.

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I uploaded the files here

Files are available here

Hello @Ernesto_Ruiz , just to add since aggregate is no longer supported, is misses some features. See this thread as well Select_one from csv file support in ODK Collect and Enketo

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