How to use index-repeat()

please can you show us how you solve the problem ? I have the same issue

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hello every one. help me please.

I have repeating group in my form and my issue is about the line 54, question 28b of my form. I try to reduce the survey to show you, but the issue doesn’t show the error again. When I fill my survey at the question 28b I receive a notification and I try to resolve this problem, but I am unable.
the problem is i have added a repeat option for a specific group and during the survey at the question 28b “Y a-t-il des latrines disponible à ce lieu pour les usagers ?” I receive an error message (………. You may need to use ehe indexed-repeat () function to specify wich value you want). once i pass the xlsform on the kobocollect it works on the web form but on the telephones in the field once you have entered this question 28b line 54 it does not work and when you want to move to the second 29 the error message still appears. now since question n 28b I can’t continue the survey.

my second issue is about the line 157-162. the relevant must depend on line 54 and line 104 in separate group. how to do it without error. Help me please.
Questionnaires sur les Ouvrages d'assainissement dans les formations sanitaires_VF.xlsx (32.6 KB)

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