How to use offline layers in odk collect

I'm going to use ODK collect to collect crop reference data in an irrigated area of Ethiopia. I have created my form, everything is working well except for the background. As you can immagine in the field we won't have an internet conncetion and also at the hotel indeed. I have some georeference images (in tif-tfw format) that I would like to use as background, so I copied it in odk/layers directory but it doesn't work. I read that this files should be converted in mbtiles..but it's not clear to me what I have to do and which software I have to use to convert my tif images in mbtiles. Would you please help me?
thanks a lot

Check Geo Collect for this.


Dear Narendra,
do you mean GeoODK?
I have decided to use ODK Collect indeed because I found it much more stable and good for my purposes..
I really hope I can use it on the would be a pity to give up because of the Offline layers..
Anyone else can help me...please??

Offline map tiles have to be in subdirectories of /odk/layers not in the root layers directory, for example /odk/layers/tiles/file.mbtiles

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Please see usage details at Role of the layers folder in ODK Collect

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Many thanks Helene and Divya.
I have done all the steps as suggested..
However I have to understand better what happened in Odk Collect when I switch off the Wi-Fi connection.
I start collecting info with my form and I click on Start Geopoint: now I select from the offline layers my layer, but I still have google map as background and I cannot see my mbtiles...and I don't know why..I copied it in a new folder in the layers folder of odk, and I can see this new folder together with the None option. I select it, but then..nothing more...any layer is displayed...
I checked also the is ok..I can open and see it qith another app GeoEditor..
Could please help me?


Have you tried restarting the app?

Yes.. it works! :smile:

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