I interview two girls data given in csv

First Question
school emis code

2nd Question
select girl
girl 1
girl 2
when i click girl1 girl 1 data open only
if i click girl 2 girl 2 data open only
I attach form and csv file please help me how i doGIRL CSV DATA.csv (196 Bytes)
GIRL FORM.xlsx (9.8 KB)
Please add this functionality my form

You can do it pulling data from csv. Go through the documentation:

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I am trying but i am failed please you make it and kindly update in my file

Hi @azam_iqbal,

Check out this thread and study the example provided

My understanding is that girl name cannot be unique identifier cause of duplicate girl name so I concatenated school id and girl number and created new column g_id (Girl identifier) in your CSV file. Now it is expected that g_id will be unique and in that case xform can pull desired data against g_id.

GIRL_FORM.xlsx (16.2 KB)
GIRL_CSV_DATA.csv (221 Bytes)


Thanks brother
I never forget your help