In my country ODK saving people’s life

A project I am going to execute for WFP in my country, it was destiny to fail, because the wrong planning of that project, that project must distribute food for 26,000 family.

Everything looked like good for them, then a person contact me for advice, I told him this project gone to fail, fail with flare.

They make the number of data collectors 178
And data entries 6 (who will enter the data to computer)
Also data must apply to the WFP within 10 days.

Then I told him, do you think if you increase the number of data collectors you will execute the project faster with 6 data entries.

To execute any project you have to make sure each activity of that project doesn’t do any pressure of data transition on another activity.

And they forget one important thing (Human Ability) this is the most item we can’t detect its output because it’s not theoretical and it’s changeable with time and environment (They are Humans not robots).

So they ask me to execute that project as a third party (I know they will make me responsible if project fail, but I have the key of successful ODK).

We decide to execute the project as follow:

Stage 1 : Data which we will collect are 30 field with signature and image.
Stage 2 : Data Verification using signature and image from Stage 1.
Stage 3 : Food Distribution.

Also we will choose the Data Collectors from the same families which we will distribute food for them, also we will choose in each stage different data collectors so they can get maximum benefits of that project.

The Challenge which I will have is Network mobile and Internet coverage which will lead to another challenge which is Server overload.

Because of there is no coverage in the targeted area, I decided to edit ODK source code, so ODK will create the form automatically in the first run, also server configuration will embedded within building the ODK, finally enforcing the language for ODK to be Arabic (some people use their phones with English Language and supporting Arabic like me).

I configured server (RAM 8GB, CPU1.9Ghz 4Cores) to set max allowed packet, JVM Heap size, Tomcat Poll size, Intel RAID storage Control.

Internet connection from ISP with Static IPAddress, Cable Cat6, and Gigabit Network Adapter.

Finally, we are a few volunteers young people, we work under name of “ORCA” as a Projects Executors for Humanitarian work, and we don't fail because we have ODK.

Now you know why I appreciate for each hand helped to make ODK exist in our life.

I admit, I tried to say thank you for all of you but I feel I didn’t say it yet.

i was tracking Yaw and Helene and Mich from github i was just want to say thank you and all of your team.

So thank you

All of you

Yep, maybe ODK collect your data in your country, but in my country ODK saving people’s life.


Wow, what a powerful testimony. Congratulations on this project and I wish you continued success in this very important work.

Hi Helene,

Thank you so much

i would not be confidence without what you do and your team

for the above project it will in two to three weeks,

i am preparing this days for a small survey for health 500 submission

so i was busy this days sorry.

Best Regards

Wawooo. Thaks to the innovators of such a powerful Application