Indexed-repeat in Collect

I have a problem in input data in kobocollect but ok in web. Can help me, what the problem. Thanks.

questnew.xlsx (39.0 KB)

i have printscreen the error.

Hi @Wirdawati

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For a quick review, I noticed the "background-audio" type, which seems to be an "unknown question type", final line on the survey form. Removing this type might fix the issue.

As a tip, I recommend using the current XLSForm template to design your form. It makes things easier and more readable.

Hi @Joseph_Muganga

I has delete background-audio, but still error.

the form is a repeat question

an error occurs in S20, the answer choice is from S14, if more than 1 answer is selected in S14, then in S20 to input the next answer, the error appears.

Are you sure those questions are intended to be outside the repeat? If they are outside of the repeat, the relevance expressions like selected(${S21}, '1') reference multiple values.

That is, ${21} inside the repeat means the answer to question 21 within the context of this repeat instance and that makes a lot of sense. ${21} outside the repeat represents the question 21 answers across all repeat instances. Enketo will default to using the first repeat instance's value. That means if '1' was selected in any repeat instance other than the first one, that would be ignored. This is rarely the intention so Collect gives an error.

My guess is that questions 39 to 50 at least are intended to be in the repeat, not outside of it.