ODK XLSForm Template

Many of you have asked for an XLSForm template that brings together the community's best form design techniques and is kept up-to-date by the core team. Here it is! :rocket:

Whether you're a long time ODKer or new to form design, here are five reasons why you'll love this template:

:pray:t5: Helpful hints about each column

See screenshot

Thoughtful hints about each column

:keyboard: Types and appearances autocomplete as you type

See screenshot

Types and appearances autocomplete as you type

:sparkles: Groups and repeats highlighted for easier navigation

See screenshot

:books: Cheatsheets right where you need them

See screenshot

:hammer_and_pick: Powerful techniques at your fingertips

See screenshot

Give the template a try, and if you have ideas for improvements, please share them!

P.S. You can add this document to your templates in Google Sheets or Excel to make it easier to find.