Informed consent

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How can o add an informed consent and signature to be allowed

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Lshtm ODK tablets
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You can get this done by combining a few things:

  • A draw widget can help you collect a signature. Depending on what form authoring tool you are using the way to do that varies.
  • A checkbox to get a yes/no acceptance that you can actually attach logic to (it's kind of tricky to verify if they have actually drawn anything.
  • Some logic like the kind discussed here to skip the rest of the form if they don't consent.

If you're using an Excel sheet to design your form, use the following:


that's amazing many thanks,

Is there anyway we add tick boxes for the informed consent ?


If you’re using a spreadsheet to design your form:

select_one [list name] or select_multiple [list name] ... depending on how many things users have to consent to ... with those things listed in the choices tab

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You could pace a 'Do you Consent?' Q (with a 'select_one' option), coupled with a second question capturing signature (per the suggested method from @Vanubhav) on the same page/screen. This can done by placing these 2 questions in the same group and placing 'field-list' in the appearance of the group.

A potential issue using field list in this example is having the signature contingent on the 'Do you consent' Q (if they are on the same page, relevant statments can't apply), so signature would a) not need to be required or b) be captured even if they do not consent.


Can we add fingerprint for the consent in the ODK

Currently, no, you can't have fingerprints in the form. You'd have to have a device that does fingerprint scanning and add Java code to Collect to support that. If this is feature you'd like, file it at

One alternative you might want to consider is the signature widget. You can add that today, but note that increases the size of your submission because it's a picture.

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