Introduce yourself here!


I am a Software Developer and I live in New South Wales, Australia. I have implemented and use ODK Central & Collect for a number of things within my workplace, including;

  • Animal Welfare Records - Capturing compliance records for animal welfare checks across 7+ sites using GPS to verify location.
  • Pump Checks - In combination with animal welfare records we also use ODK for water infrastructure monitoring.
  • Dam Inspections - Capturing dam inspection records where dam parameters are rated and photographed.
  • Pasture Assessments - Capturing pasture botany data such as species composition, ground cover, dry matter and litter using GPS for location.

I'm a big fan of the ODK suite and really appreciate how helpful and friendly the community is.
I have been testing the new entities feature and it will solve most if not all of my issues once offline updates are implemented. Good work ODK dev team, I'm a huge fan and you're on the right track!

I will make more detailed posts about each of my use cases and the issues / solutions I have encountered. I intend to post my forms as well as I found other peoples examples really helped me get started and discover what's possible. It would be nice to have an examples section on the forum to discover how others format their forms and use different widgets.