Introduce yourself here!

I am Khine, and I am currently based in Myanmar. I use ODK for survey data collection. I work with different academic institutions, and our current project primarily focuses on women who use drugs and their access to harm reduction and SRHR services.
Best, Khine


I am based at Deoghar, India.
My ODK stories
I am working in development sector since 16 year. like many other two years of COVID lockdown were the worst time in life. We faced first lock down in March 2019. Field work, engaging with a lot of target population were our routine job and lockdown had stopped every thing.
I had to engage with my community. I researched many community tools and knew about ODK platform especially KOBO. I created more than 100 forms , trained 1000 + filed workers and collected the data of 50+K though my platform and by capacitating other developers .
I am mathematician by education and keep my self engage in learning more and more applications on it.
Fun fact; I am foodie person and God forgot to install stop button in me when I start taking my favorite foods.


Cheers! I am from Chile, we are implementing ODK Central, which has allowed us to order the work of small institutions (regarding biodiversity forms and reports), for which we are very grateful. :smiley:


Hello :wave:,
My name is Ama Owusu-Darko. I am a Data Analyst based in Ghana. I work mainly using R. I use STATA and Python too depending on the projects.

I think it is very cool how just through coding I can create dashboards and visualizations in Rshiny.

For my current job, I create surveys and manage cases in SurveyCTO. I prefer to create my surveys using xml xforms because I want to skill up to be an ODK developer.

Looking forward to learning more from you all.


I'm an Associate Research Professor at U Connecticut. I study HIV prevention & treatment in sub-Saharan Africa & use ODK for multiple projects.


Hi, I'm Hannah Koenker, I work in malaria control and assist malaria programs and implementing partners with household surveys. I work in Stata and R and use ODK (KoboCollect) for the vast majority of our surveys.


Hi all, my name is Faran and I am a Data Manager based in London - I'm very new to ODK!


Hi i'm Martijn Vaandering from the Netherlands.

full(er) stack developer and architect with focus on .NET and integrations.

i'd like to contribute on making the webhooks availible, martijn[at] for email or on github martijnvaandering

cheers! Martijn

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I am from Chile, we are implementing ODK Central, which has allowed us to order the work of small institutions (regarding biodiversity forms and reports), for which we are very grateful. :smiley:.



Hi, Im in Northern Ireland, Im a relative newbie to ODK, and only beginning to get to grips with the power of the platform. Enjoying delving into the brains of the ODK community even when I only understand a wee bit of what's going on.


Good day, dear community.

I am an Agricultural Engineer and PhD in Agricultural Sciences. I studied molecular biology of apomixis and worked in a cattle ranch of 70,000 ha in Argentina. I am currently developing R-based software linked to ODK to collect and analyze big data from the field. I am open to inquiries and concerns and would be very happy to get involved in an international project with some of you.


i am fahad afzal, phd scholar from IIHMR University india.
looking forward to exchange ideas regarding ODK and have an intellectually enriching relation with other forum members.
thanks !!!


Hi everyone !
My name is William. I'm a computer scientist engineer and data-analyst. I'm working for a french natural reserve and we're deploying some XLS Forms to make our agent's job easier. I'm new with ODK.

I'm here to exhange ideas, find and share some tricks with ODK. On this point, I would like to thanks you for all of the previous posts :slight_smile:

See you,


Hi everyone!
I am Garima Sharma. I am from Nepal. I have been using ODK for over a year now.
I have been enrolled in several projects, where we are configuring and implementing Mobile Health Applications in several locations within Nepal. We have been using ODK as an open-source platform for data collection, creating digital forms and surveys, data analysis, monitoring, and evaluation of health programs.
Looking forward to exchanging different knowledge and ideas through this platform, and learning from them. Thank you!


Dear all, my name is Robert and I have been using ODK since 2012. I am originally from Ghana but I currently live in the United States. I am a development worker/researcher and I am excited to join you all. I look forward to sharing and learning from you all.



Hello everyone,

I am Mantue Reeves, Deputy Director-Monitoring and Evaluation with Last Mile Health. I really got to know about ODK in 2013. Liberia is using ODK on so many fronts- Population census, ad-hoc research/surveys for health-related projects, social development, etc. Currently, I support the Liberian Ministry of Health and LMH internal staff to use ODK to collect data for routine monitoring systems, program evaluations, and research studies. Of note, the Ministry of Health uses an ODK-based data collection tool to monitor fidelity to its national community health worker program and is also responsible for providing technical support to the Ministry on designing, modifying, and downloading data from this ODK platform. Though they are some challenges which my membership will benefit a lot from.

Mantue Reeves


Hello world!
I am really excited to have been part of this awesome community since September 2019. I was introduced to ODK in 2015 by Brian Dooley of FHI 360. As a data collector who fell in love with the application then now leads the data collection team for the same project. I have since developed several project data collection tools that have made a significant impact on Ghana's education system. I have no computing science background but love my data, quality data of course. I wish to introduce the larger community out there who are involved in data collection and are still struggling to make headway. Until ODK subsumes the data collection space we still have work to do.

I love to learn new ways of doing things in a simpler form.


Hi everyone,happy to be here from Unique Mappers Network -Nigeria . We are the OpenStreetMap Community in Nigeria and we drive open mapping and open data development using OSM and mobile data collection toolkits


Hello all,

My name is Heather and I work for Berkeley Air Monitoring Group, a small consulting firm based in the US that does impact evaluation of household energy projects, primarily in low- and middle-income countries. However, in the last few years we have also begun doing some domestic environmental justice projects.

I have been using ODK since I was first hired in December of 2021 and have quickly learned how useful of a tool it can be. I have built and edited surveys, trained other employees how to build surveys and do work on ODK central, trained field staff how to use ODK collect, and developed multiple ways of analyzing ODK data. In the last 6 months or so I have been using ruODK extensively to seemlessly integrate ODK data into our R based data analysis.

I am excited to join this community, share what I have learned, and continue to learn from others.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day!

-Heather Miller


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