Introduce yourself here!

Hi All, I am an agronomist working in Mozambique; We use all kinds of digital tools to support farmers, companies and projects, this ranges from soil sensors to satellites. I love mountain biking and generally being outdoors. I have been using ODK for a few years to collect data on a small scale(I luse the ODK/PowerBi combination a lot), we are planning to step it up a notch for farmer registration and registration of delivered trainings on a large scale.

I will start testing and researching coming days basically looking at 1) A farmer registration database using open data kit. and 2) a registration system (also ODK) of trainings provided to the earlier registered farmers. My challenge here is how can we configure the database or data management system of the first form to sync with the second form in realtime, so that ID's or names of newly registered farmers are immediately available for trailing registration. and then case management follow-up per farmer.

Looking forward to diving deeper into unexplored features, and contributing to the ODK community.

Cheers, jelle


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Hello. I am Lovemore. I am based in Zimbabwe. I get involved in ODK use in 2021 when I was conducting an agricultural survey.


Hello, I'm Davis Makasy, i'm living at Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. I'm working with ODK from 2016, so it's a please for me to be in this wonderful community.
In our organization, I have the title of ODK Officer, so I'm working for many projects for data collection: Mosquito nets distribution, Wash, Construction, nutrition, some researches did in Maniema province’s with Safe Delivery apps and ODK, etc.
I'm a newcomer in GitHub with the id dmakasy.
Outside of Data collection, I learn new things at home and on internet, such as English, how to develop applications, gospel music, etc.


Hello every one. My name is Dejen. I live in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I join this forum to learn ODK from the scratch. I work on GIS based projects and come to know ODK from friends. We are trying to use ODK to collect data in the field for our asset and socio-econmic data analysis perposes. Later, I decided to learn more on the designing part and just sneak here to see what is available to learn ODK. Thanks you are already here to suport..


Hello Everyone. My name is Ayowumi and I'm from Nigeria. I have been using ODK and developing XLSForm for some time now. I ran into some difficulty regarding a validation formula and I'm seeking support. So, I'm here to learn.

Thank you.


Hello, everybody!
My name is José Rodríguez, I am a software developer working for an NGO with focus in Sustainable Agriculture. I worked in IT Support for 10 years, but now I've been developing software for 5 years, I am still a student at the UNED (spanish acronym), is a National University in Costa Rica.
ODK Central is a great tool, we've been using it very manually, if that makes sense, creating the forms in excel files with the XLSForm format, but now we want to streamline the process, the XLSForm requires some knowledge so only one person was in charge of it. So we are developing the web builder in our web app, and it has been really cool to work with the ODK Central API.


My name is Sindile Bidla. I run a consulting business specialising in GIS and have used ODK on a few projects.

Hi everyone,
I'm from India and working in clinical research and data management.
I started contributing to clinical research and data management in the ODK platform sincer February. Hoping to discuss all the cool ideas for the same in this forum soon.