Introduce yourself here!

Hello, my name is Chidinma, I am an undergraduate of public health, based in Imo state Nigeria.

My project in school led me to ODK collect, I am happy to say I'd be adding this to my skillset too.

I had posted a question earlier please do send in your solutions/suggestions.

I am duly appreciating in advance.

This is the link to the question: My choice/select multiple question data type answers not coming out the way I want

Thanks so much.:smiley:


Hello I'm Thomas, a french database and GIS administrator from Bordeaux.

I'm new in this forum but I'm an old ODK user (Collect, Aggregate and then Central). I set up forms to collect data on fauna and flora in a french environmental conservation association (Conservatoire d'espaces Naturels de Nouvelle-Aquitaine)


the other NGO behind :wink: Welcome aboard Thomas !


Hello, my name is Kate Kaaria from Kenya. I work as an ICT intern at a certain firm. I got introduced to ODK by a friend. I am still learning about the ODK kit.
Thank you.


Hi everyone!

My name is Derrick Junior, Ugandan. I'm an open source evangelist.before I was working on TaroWorks 8 which uses odk)

I'm really glad I can work on ODK with you!


My name is David Kamaru, from Kenya. I'm a statistician by profession. I handle mostly health and biostatistics. I love creating dashboards.


Hi ODK'ers,

I've been managing a self hosted ODK central instance for about three years. We use it for recording terrestrial and marine survey data which is then analysed using a variety of techniques depending on the survey.

Thanks for a very useful piece of software!!


Hi folks. I was sent here because I asked a question in the KoboToolbox forum, and it seems this is the place to ask for new features. I'm an ecologist/modeller working Down Under. I have just designed a Kobo app to collect field data for a project, which we will then use for our pest modelling purposes, to understand the phenology of macadamia and some of its pests. I guess this is going to be a learning experience.....


Hello everyone!

I'm a junior IT administrator at an NGO in Malawi. We use ODK to collect data into our servers. We've been self-hosting ODK Aggregate to this day. We often install ODK server where necessary


Hi ODKers,

I'm a long-time programmer, now in the software development team of an electricity metering company Down Under (Australia :slight_smile: ). We use ODK as our field test and data collection (field force automation) platform.


Greetings, I am based in Zimbabwe, working with KoBo and ODK Tools for data collection. I am currently the Information Management Coordinator for IOM.


Hello everyone,

I have had a profile in the ODK community since 2020, but I have been a very passive member :grimacing: and I have never introduced myself. Now it's time to change that by first introducing myself to everyone in this resourceful and interesting community :grinning:.

I am Philip, a public health informatician currently based in Atlanta. I joined the ODK community in 2020 having been involved in the use of ODK to support various projects from 2017. I felt it was important to join the community to learn (which has been happening passively and will continue to happen more actively now, and thanks to all who have been sharing or providing valuable content in here :clap:t4:), and to also share my experiences or knowledge with everyone (but this part has not been happening for me in here and I hope to improve on this with time :man_facepalming:t4: :upside_down_face:)

I have led or been involved in a couple of ODK-based projects within the public health space. I hope to learn more from this community as the technology keeps advancing :star_struck: and thanks to Yaw for encouraging me to contribute more in here on some of my experiences.

I look forward to connecting with more people in here and hopefully draw lessons from other experiences in the public health sector and even much more from other sectors. It is interesting how ODK has grown over the years which is inevitable considering we are in the technology-driven era. However, let's remember to take time-off once in a while from battling with XLS forms, aggregate server, constraints, etc., to travel and do other fun stuff :wink:. Enjoy!


Greetings from Sri Lanka, I am chandi, working and experimenting with KoBo and ODK Tools for data collection. I hope to use it for my new project. I am currently working as IT tech for DCS.


Hello everyone.

My name is Yakub from Nigeria. I have been here for a bit and then realised that I haven't introduced myself so I am here to do that. I was a data science fellow in 2021 and I was introduced to ODK, I was amazed and intrigued by it ever since.
I have been using it since then to assist in collecting data both in the public and private sectors. I am here to contribute and learn more about the use cases of ODK.
I like tea, a lot.

Thank you


Hi to everyone
My name is Faisal Amani from Afghanistan i am a data collector in Higher Education.
i am so happy to see all data collectors in one place that try to solve there problem with each other .
thank you so much for a chance that i have introduced my self.


Oh man, thats a loooong scroll!

Hi everyone, my name is Tom, and I'm based in South Eastern Australia. I have been lurking here for a while, but prompted by @ktuite its time to introduce myself!

In the past I have worked in primary production, as a welder / welding inspector, and as a non-destructive inspection technician.
I am currently working part time for a global support company in an IT role, where we use ODK as part of solutions for several clients. My role is primarily the downstream components of these solutions, with SharePoint and Power Platform being the core tools.
I am concurrently studying IT remotely with an Australian University.

I have a keen interest in the API components of ODK, as almost all of my interactions not through the GUI.
ODK has been a game changer for my team, allowing us to rapidly produce offline data capture and integrate with our existing platforms.


I'm Ebenezer Amankona Henschel from Ghana.
My first time using ODK for data collection was in 2017 for the Second Year of Life (G2YL) for measles2 survey and the Routine Immunization Coverage for Children 0-11 months and 12-23 months in Ghana. I have been using ODK for minor data collection after that. I'm yet to take on a real and challenging project with ODK.
You can follow me on LinkedIn:


I am Simon Peter Muwanguzi. I do software engineering work, and I have interest in Public Health. I am new to ODK. I intend to set it up on my computer, and see how it works. Happy learn from folks here.



Hello, am Seth Adjaapiah Berkoh a Technical officer in the Ghana Health Service(Disease control and immunization division).

I have been using ODK from 2018 specifically for collecting field data.
Some services I have been providing includes:

  1. Building odk forms & deploying for clients(students) to collect data for their thesis.
  2. Building odk forms for Monitoring and Evaluation activities at the Municipal and Sub-Municipal levels (Kwahu South Municipal Health Directorate etc.

I can build Xls forms, deploy projects, and analyze data.

I have expertise in R-Programming, Power Bi, Tableau, Google sheets, Power query, sql, DHIS2

I AM OPEN TO NEW PROJECTS / COLLABORATIONS and willing to learn more from others.

You can connect with me on linkedin:
or mail me:


Hello all,

my name is Luka and I am based in Slovenia, Europe. I started using ODK in 2019 as an alternative to paper forms when collecting data in the field. Most of my work in the field happens in the forest, where I and my colleagues collect a variety of different tree-related data, paper-free since 2019.

The documentation is amazing and I mostly managed to get everything working in the past. Since I am now trying to convince other people from my organization to start using ODK more, we are frequently running into new problems and I have started using this forum more and more.

Looking forward to learn from all of you,